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Learn How to Identify Your Ishta Devata Through Your Kundli

Ishta means our Araddhya Devata, our adorable deity. In literal meaning, your Ishta Devata is the God who is your protector and with whom you feel connected on a soul level. You never get deprived of the blessing of your Ishta Deva no matter what stage of life you are in. But, if you don’t know who your Ishta Devata is, take this blog as your guide. We will make you learn how to use your Kundli aka birth chart to identify your Ishta Devata with simple astrology techniques. Nevertheless, if you don’t have any knowledge of reading Kundli, simply approach any good astrologer in Kolkata to find your Ishta Deva.

Is Ishta Devata and Kul Devata Same?

The answer is “no”. Ishta is the deity you can easily relate to. You don’t need any process, tantra, mantra, or any strict ritual to feel connected with Him. it goes on simply. You feel a natural connection and bond with your Ishta anytime and anywhere. But Kula Devata is different. A family deity who has been worshiped from generation to generation and your family is no exception.

If you aren’t aware of your Ishta Devata then you can identify Him/Her through your birth chart as we have said earlier.

Identify Your Ishta Devata through the Birth Chart

Natives who don’t have any idea about Ishta devata and are hovering for answers, read this blog to its full. Through the placement of a particular planet in the D9 chart or Navamsha, one can know about the Ishta deity, his personal guide and patron. Ishta Devata is like a Guardian Angel in Vedic Astrology. He looks after you, guides you, protects you, helps you overcome challenges, and unites you with your spiritual self. It is said that once you start worshipping your Ishta Devata with regularity in chanting specific mantras and dhyan, you will attain moksha gradually first from materialistic bondage and then achieve success in life.

So, with no more words, let us find out the method of identifying Ishta Devata with your Kundli. Here, we will utilize your D9 chart aka Navamsha to find your Ishta Devata. The steps are as follows….

  • First, find out your Atmakaraka Planet in your birth chart. Atmakaraka planet is the one with the highest degree in your D1 chart. He is your soul planet.
  • Next, find the placement of the Atmakaraka planet in your D9 chart or Navamsha. You need to take the zodiac sign.
  • Then check the 12th house from the house where your Atmakaraka planet is placed in D9.
  • This 12th house and its lord are solely associated with your Ishta Devata.

Let us understand it with a deeper approach…..

  • You can take the planet in the 12th house from your Atmakaraka planet to identify your Ishta Deva.
  • However, if there is no planet in the house, check whether any planet is aspecting the house or not.
  • If no planet aspects the house, you should take the lord of the house to find your Ishta Devata.

If you find these steps heavy on your head, you can approach a good astrologer in Kolkata near you or go for an online astrology consultation to find your answer from the Navamsha chart.

Find Your Ishta Devata Through the Planet/Aspect 

Now you are well aware of the planet sitting, aspecting, or lording the 12th house from the Atmakaraka planet in your D9 chart. It is time to know the Ishta Deity based on the planet in the 12th house. You can also take the aspect of the planet to the house to identify your Ishta Devata. Let’s get going…

  • Sun: If you have the Sun in the 12th house of the Atmakaraka planet, worship Lord Ram or Shiva to attain Moksha.
  • Moon: You worship Lord Krishna, Devi Parvati, Lord Shiva, Devi Saraswati, or Mata Lalita to eliminate all your pain.
  • Mars: Do worship Lord Kartikeya or Lord Narshima or Lord Hanuman, when Mars is in the 12th house from Atamkaraka.
  • Jupiter: You can pray to Lord Vishnu, Lord Dattatreya, or Lord Indra if Jupiter is in the 12th house.
  • Venus: Do worship Mata Parvati or Mata Lakshmi, if Venus is there in the twelft house.
  • Mercury: Lord Vishnu will be your Ishta devata when Mercury is placed in the 12th house of the Atmakaraka.
  • Saturn: You should pray to either Lord Vishnu or Lord Braham when Saturn is there in the 12th house.
  • Rahu: If Rahu is in the 12th house from the soul planet, you should worship lord Narashima or Lord Vishnu.
  • Ketu: If you have Ketu in the 12th house from the Atamakara planet, worship Lord Ganesha or Lord Matsya.

Identify Your Ishta Deva Based on Zodiac Sign

Sometimes there is no aspect or planet in the 12th house from the Atmakaraka Planet. In this case, take the zodiac sign’s lord to identify your Ishta Devata and get connected to attain spiritual inclination.

  • Aries: Lord Narshima, Lord Hanuman, or Lord Kartikeya
  • Taurus: Mata Parvati or Mata Laxmi.
  • Gemini: Lord Vishnu
  • Cancer: Lord Krishna, Mata Parvati, Lord Shiva, Mata Saraswati, or Goddess Lalita
  • Leo: Lord Rama or Lord Shiva
  • Virgo: Lord Vishnu
  • Libra: Mata Parvati or Goddess Lakshmi
  • Scorpio: Do worship of Lord Kartikeya, Lord Hanumana, or Lord Narshima.
  • Sagittarius: You can worship Lord Vishnu, Lord Indra, or Lord Dattatreya.
  • Capricorn: Lord Brahma or Lord Vishnu
  • Aquarius: Lord Bramha or Lord Krishna
  • Pisces: Lord Vishnu, Lord Indra, or Lord Dattatreya.  

How to Worship Ishta Devata?

There is no hard and fast rule to follow to get connected to your Ishta Devata. You will find a natural connection with HIM/HER. Just follow a few simple steps if you want to perform SADHANA.

  • Do regular prayer after taking your bath. Do it at your convenience. Chant the Mantra if it is possible for you.
  • Find the Beej Mantra of the Deity and chant it during your prayer.
  • To build a soul connection, meditate in a peaceful and clean place at your home. At first, you find it hard to concentrate. But, gradually you can increase the time without your notice.
  • Surrender to your God or Goddess selflessly. Don’t ask for anything because your deity knows you and your needs better than you.

Hope, you found the piece helpful. If you still have any doubts or thoughts in your mind about the steps to identify Ishta devata through your birth chart, please feel free to contact a good astrologer in Kolkata. You will be guided well for sure.

Hari Aum Tat Sat

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