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Innovative Ways to Improve Your Kitchen with Plain Tiles


If you plan to transform your kitchen decor while using solid-toned tiles, you must consider laying them in creative and innovative patterns. Thankfully, every good tile showroom in Nashik offers kitchen tiles in numerous colours, allowing you to pick the tile colours that go with your kitchen decor. So, here are some innovative ways to lay plain kitchen tiles and make your cooking space feel more vibrant and inviting. 

Innovative Ways to Incorporate Plain Tiles in Kitchens 

Herringbone Pattern for a Dynamic Flow 

If you want to install plain tiles in your kitchen backsplash or flooring, consider going for rectangular tiles in small sizes to create a herringbone pattern. This pattern offers a perfect blend of traditional charm and dynamic modernism while creating visual movement in the space. Whether you want to infuse the cool sophistication of porcelain tiles or the allure of vitrified tiles, you should consider laying plain tiles in a herringbone pattern. So, if you want to upgrade your kitchen decor, the herringbone pattern is ideal for telling a story and setting the space in motion. 

Straight Lay: Simplest at Its Best 

When it comes to laying plain tiles in kitchens, a straight lay is a simple yet powerful way to create a straightforward design that never gets outdated. Being a classic favourite, this pattern can be created by layering rectangular tiles side by side, one above another, creating a straight lay grid. This simple pattern can be used on both your kitchen walls and flooring, allowing them to take the limelight. To elevate the design of this layout pattern, you should consider using contrasting grout to make it look more interesting and intriguing. 

Diagonal: An Angle on Refinement 

If you are aiming for a stylish floor look for your culinary space, you should consider laying your plain floor tiles in a diagonal format to add visual interest to your otherwise boring tile flooring. The diagonal tile layout can be your ticket to creating a dynamic kitchen space. You just have to select a plain floor tile design that suits your kitchen decor and lay it at a 45° angle, injecting a fresh and unique look into your space. This floor design will also help in making your small kitchen space look more spacious. 

Checkerboard: Classic Yet Contemporary 

If you like patterns and want to add a classic pattern design to your modern kitchen space, you can consider creating a classic checkerboard design. Even though black and white plain tiles are conventional choices for this design, you can pick plan tiles in two contrasting tones and lay them alternatively to create a checkerboard pattern that merges timelessness and modernity. You can visit any good tile showroom in Nashik to explore a range of plain kitchen tiles in bold and soft tones. For flooring, you can opt for large tiles to create this pattern whereas go for small tiles for a checkerboard backsplash design. 

Random Colours for a Captivating Look

If you want to create a captivating backsplash design in your kitchen, you should consider installing plain tiles of different colours randomly. This will help in creating a random yet unique pattern that provides a distinctive character to the overall kitchen look. You can use subway tiles of different colours, from bold to soft tones, and install them on your backsplash in any way you like to not only create an engaging look but also add a creative touch to your cooking space. You can use the same concept for your kitchen flooring, if not the backsplash. 

Mixed Sizes and Shapes for a Wow Factor 

Another excellent way to create an interesting design using only plain tiles in your kitchen space is by mixing different tile sizes. From small square and rectangular to medium-sized square and rectangular, you can get plain tiles of the same tone but different sizes to add the much-needed wow factor to the kitchen walls. It can be difficult to find tiles in so many different sizes. So, you can consider buying plain tiles in only one size and cutting them at random sizes to create a fun and playful pattern on your kitchen walls. You can also consider using contrasting grout to elevate the tile patterns even more. 


Plain tiles can be a perfect addition to cooking spaces, but you just need to lay them interestingly. To find numerous colour options, you can visit the best tile showroom in Nashik – Orientbell Tiles Boutique today!

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