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Design an Unique Floral Bathroom Oasis with Artfully Decorated Tiles


Flowers are often associated with high-spiritedness and elegance. That’s why every good tiles store in Bangalore offers numerous designs in flower tiles to add a botanic touch and peacefulness to spaces, like bathrooms. 

Floral Tiles: A Widespread Tradition

Infusing the ephemeral elegance of flower tiles into your bathroom is a great way of creating relaxing bathroom decors, contributing to your overall well-being and mental health. The organic lines and colours of flower tiles have an impact on your eyes, just as natural flowers have a positive impact on you. So, floral designs have been used for centuries to beautify spaces.  

Decorative Tile Designs with Flowers 

There are numerous ways to infuse flower tiles into any home decor. From creating a stunning feature wall to crafting a repetitive floor-tiling motif, you can add an artistic flair to your bathroom with creative tile installation. So, here are some floral tile designs to consider.

Abstract Flower Tile Motifs 

These floral tiles come with muted tones with curves and fluid lines of blooms and geometric patterns. They are suitable for large bathrooms as they can provide character and distinctiveness to the space without overwhelming the space. 

Feature Floral Tiles 

These tiles come with soft mural art, which is quite different from the typical decorative wall tiles. They are ideal for feature backsplash in bathrooms, be it behind your bathtub or sink. Thanks to their muted tones, these floral tiles look timeless and never wither or die. 

Flower Mosaics 

The flower mosaics are smaller in size, but carry a more complex geometric pattern on each tile. The captivating designs on these flower tiles can be repetitive or contrasting for a diverse variety. However, the colour tones and fluid curves of these tiles belong to the same family. 

Leaf Designs 

Like flower tiles, you can even explore tiles with leaf designs to add a natural vibe to your bathroom. These tiles are ideal for both walls and floors or creating borders, making them a versatile choice for bathrooms. 

Ideas to Lay Floral Bathroom Tiles 

It has been mentioned in numerous studies that there are a lot of benefits we can get by infusing natural elements like flowers and plants into our home environment. The bathroom, particularly, is a perfect space to add a floral expression creatively. That’s why you should consider combining abstract and figurative examples in your bathrooms. By adding fresh and inspiring flower tiles to your bathroom, you can make a subtle yet powerful design statement while elevating the qualities of the space. 

Creating a Vintage Floral Motif

Any good local tiles store in Bangalore can offer you an array of floral tile designs in vintage style. You can infuse such tile designs into your bathroom to complement your free-standing Victorian-style bathroom. Another great way to use these floral tiles is by pairing them with wooden tiles. Either you can create a visual separation in the space by laying both the tile designs on the floor space, like floral tiles for your bathing area, under the bathtub, and wooden tiles for the rest of the space, or you can lay wooden tiles on the entire floor and let the floral tiles sit on the walls. No matter how you combine these tiles, the colour palette and design of the tiles bring all elements of the bathroom together, creating a classic and timeless feel. 

A Bathroom Mural Inspired by Flowers 

How about creating a bathroom mural behind the freestanding bathtub? Add a floral tile panel on the wall to create a sleek and refined bathroom wall look traditionally. With this floral wall tile design, the most convenient flooring choice is matte-finish wooden floor tiles, which can be further elevated with bronze fixtures and classy sanitary fittings for an ultra-chic yet warm and tranquil look. However, you should ensure that everything, from accessories to finishes, is from a complementary colour palette. 

Interesting Neutral Grey Decor with Floral Motifs 

If you want to use floral tiles in your bathroom but in a subtle way, try combining abstract flower tiles and plain tiles in washed-out or neutral grey tones to create an elegant bathroom floor look. This combination of these tiles helps prevent creating a boring look in most modern-day bathrooms. So, if you have a bathroom of decent size, consider combining floral and plain tiles in neutral tones and matte finishes to add an artistic floral motif to the flooring. You can further accentuate the bathroom with modern fittings and inject a lived-in warmth and character into the space. The floral tiles provide just enough artistic expression, which gets balanced with the plain tiles.

Advantages of Using Floral Tiles 

Adding Classic Charm to Contemporary Designs 

Flower tiles are the epitome of classic, old-world charm. With abstract mosaics of flower motifs, you can easily create a powerful design statement in your bathing space. You can find floral tiles in worn and washed-out colours, which you can add to the flooring, creating a contrasting look with glossy white wall tiles in your bathroom. Moreover, the straight lines and clean volumes of the floral tiles are quite humanised and offer a sense of warmth to the bathroom flooring. These tile options do not necessarily look distracting, but they surely grab attention.

Abstract Floral Tiles to Complement Minimalist Decors 

With abstract floral tiles, you can easily infuse a decorative look to your bathroom flooring, and match the backsplash wall tile design in a minimalist way. This helps in creating a simple, modernised bathroom look while making the space visually pleasing. The overall effect of the flower design of the tiles is just enough to add a warm feel to the space and prevent the space from looking too cool.


If you want to infuse floral tiles in your bathroom, visit the nearest trusted tiles store in Bangalore, like Orientbell Tiles Boutique, and explore the floral tile range to create a bathing oasis at home.

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