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Crack Professional Exams By Gaining Knowledge Writing The Ca Exam Series

Cracking the CA final exam is the most important milestone a CA student can achieve in their career journey. As the final stage of the ca exam series, the final course covers instilling advanced applied knowledge in core subjects and areas related to the accounting profession.

Commitment throughout a long period of study, along with managing on-the-job training, requires planning and effective time management skills. Therefore, consistency in education is an important element. Therefore, applicants must understand the curriculum and requirements thoroughly. Students can study and join the exam group or both groups combined.

Steps to Follow for CA Exams:

  • Gather all resources – ICAI material, RTP, MTP, CRACKER or previous year papers.
  • The strategy for the first study should cover 100% of all topics and from all resources. Do not go for selective study or postpone anything.
  • Create a realistic plan – a short-term plan including one practical subject and one theoretical subject every day.
  • One should plan their daily routine and check whether the goals are achieved or not.
  • Understand the concepts in depth.
  • Theoretical subjects create a habit of reading in many ways times to have a clear understanding of the concepts along with memorization of the text/key words.
  • Make separate notes for each subject, which will include – techniques to remember.

Strategic Financial Management (Sfm):

  • SFM is a very hands-on subject and one of the highest-scoring subjects.
  • Best Study Material – ICAI Modules, RTP, MTP, Previous Year Papers
  • Students must always understand the concept first. Then, practice writing as many sums as possible, not in writing.
  • They need to mark specific numbers in the book so that the said amount will be beneficial at the time of the amendment.
  • Special attention must be paid to the chapter – Forex and Derivatives.
  • Errors made while practicing for the first time must be recorded to track improvements.
  • Advanced Audit and Professional Ethics.

ICAI Modules Are The Best Learning Material:

  • Always pay attention to important words and try to memorize them instead of memorizing the entire text, which is practically impossible.
  • Editing is the key here, but practicing writing will help develop presentation skills along with time management for a long exam.
  • At the final level, ICAI expects applicants to provide their section number or SA number and name wherever relevant. Therefore, one must make a habit of making it a part of one’s notes.
  • All practical aspects were covered during the writing of ca exam series. It forms part of the theory section of this Paper, which covers 20% of the syllabus.
  • Professional ethics and corporate law are some of the key chapters of the curriculum. Therefore, students must prepare thoroughly instead of just asking questions and answers.

Corporate and Economic Law:

  • ICAI modules are the best and most adequate learning material.
  • The first weighs 70%, and the second weighs 30%.
  • This is a theoretical article. The proper notes will help in quick resolution.
  • Clarification of provisions, along with relevant exceptions, if you have them, will help you solve the case studies/exam questions.
  • The remaining general points are the same as those applicable in the Paper.

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